Gowanus Food Basin
Atlantic to 39th & Fifth to Henry.

The Yum is strong in this area!


When the Brooklyn Lyceum gets done fighting over a non-trivial set of procedural due process violations ...

Quality YUM in the midst of industrial, gentrificational chaos.

Canvassing the Gowanus Basin
(Atlantic to 39th & Fifth to Henry).

--When the Lyceum Due Process dust settles,
there will need to be food at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

--Gowanus Grub is where
we search out and review
local food establishments who might be candidates
for a Lyceum food popup!
Interested in a review or a pop-up? Take a dip gowanusgrub

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen

WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: A growing list of acts that have graced the Lyceum stage.
Contact us to tell us someone we have missed.
1st one to submit an act/event with an email gets a curatorial vote when the the Lyceum Due Process train comes in!
MUSIC fiona apple / dawn landes / yo la tengo / duck baker / marc ribot / polyphonic spree / THEATRE wax factory / neofuturists / charlie brown christmas / 31 bond / project: ground control / COMEDY gentrify brooklyn / improv summit / ART surge: nola / janet morgan / marshall arisman / DANCE chris elam / dusan tynek / yanira castro / carrie ahern / all is full of love /

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen

--Between now and the time the LYCEUM DUE PROCESS TRAIN gets into the station, we are seeking people to help raise awareness.
--Those who help raise awareness can get curatorial votes they can exercise to influence progaramming at the Brooklyn Lyceum or at any interim proxy location.
--You get votes by reviewing a few lines/dates in a few documents and sending us affidavits stating what you see (no conclusions of law necessary).
--You also get votes by appearing at crucial moments/hearings or by distributing fliers.
--Those votes can be exercised, proxied, transferred ore returned (back to the Lyceum in exchange for Lyceum staff hours for a cause on an expanding list of causes).

--If that is too much work, just cast a few votes about what you think about some simple STUPIDS a few judges have accomplished.

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen

While we wait for the inevitable, either the court :
accepts the original judicial checkmate
(complaint was statutorily abandoned
based on record provided to the Court by the Plaintiff.)
accepts the new judicial checkmate
the court retroactively created
in avoiding that original judicial checkmate
(failure to serve our atty any papers, AND,
notice to appear a decade in the past,
no matter whom was served, AND,
granting relief not requested, AND,
granting relief unavailable under statute cited, AND,
premising decision on two non-existent sworn statements).
We are looking at a couple of interim sites in our other haunts
(New York State, Philadelphia and Maine).

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen

--JAFO: Just Another F--king Observer
(unwelcome, but necessary, system observers)
-- MARU, either a Ship or Circle in Japanese.
Also, unwinnable situation won by resetting the rules by Captain James T. Kirk - Star Trek: TOS (Kobayashi Maru).
-- judicial tricks thwartable by focused attention to remove friction from the legal system for those who represent themselves.
-- collecting procedural tricks of the judicial trade in a place where the self represented can research before they get screwed.
-- key juncture observers to make self represented more manageable.
... System Observers because : A watched court more likely to do its job.
unwatched systems tend towards abuse, watched towards accountability

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen

re-programming a DUE PROCESS DEPRIVED Brooklyn theater as soon as the legal swamp settles.
Once the Lyceum gets the court:
  • to do what Judge Donald Scott Kurtz should have done:
    (dismiss case as abandoned, based on record before the court), or,
  • to do what the court must now do:
    (unwind every decision in the case for failure to serve any papers on Lyceum attorney)
    given what Judges Reinaldo E. Rivera, John M. Leventhal, Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix and Valerie Brathwaite Nelson did do
    (find 17 > 26 and alter the docket to insert appearance by Lyceum attorney in order to avoid dismissal as abandoned)
the Brookyn Lyceum will be back & needs to hit the swamp running.
To that end ...
--we are plotting programming now
so that we can implement that programming in the interim, either at the Brooklyn Lyceum or proxy sites.

--participate in programming the Lyceum
score curatorial votes by brain, body, past effort or wallet.
    Simple things to do to help the Lyceum due process cause:
  • --Take poll and tell us what you think of a couple of judges and their simple to interpret actions.
  • --Note presence of a document Plaintiff withheld from the court for 3 years.*
  • --Note sworn statement by Plaintiff counsel about that document.*
  • --Note lack of a particular document from the early (and short) record of the case.*
  • --Note date of notice of a motion.
  • --Note date that notice instructs all to appear.
  • --Note datetime stamp of a document (motion)(A).
  • --Note datetime stamp of a document (decision)(B)..
  • --Note A comes before B.
  • --Note Appellate decision that finds A comes AFTER B.
  • --Make appearance at hearing (watched court more likely to follow the rules).
  • --Contribute a case citation to the cause (if you have legal mojo in your bones).
  • --Buy swag for future curatorial voting rights.
  • --Contribute $$ to the cause for future curatorial voting rights.
*= and sign affidavit about what a 5th grader should see.
Individual affidavits about any of the above gets you 10 votes.
More complicated ones get you 20 votes.

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen

Out Of Brooklyn Lyceum Events

-- As we seek to provide programming
for when the Brooklyn Lyceum (or any interim proxy) returns,
we need to see a LOT
of music, theatre, dance, comedy, etc.

-- To that end, we are accepting invitations
to see such work
to investigate if that work (or that group)
would be a good fit for the Lyceum (or any interim proxy)

-- In addition, we are also open to invitations
to see work for an actual written review
(whether or not there is any intent to present at the Lyceum).

We will post the review online, send it to email and social media, where appropriate.

Apply HERE.

-- If that interests you or your group, pursue that at OOBLE.ORG

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen

When the Brooklyn Lyceum gets done
undoing a non-trivial set of procedural due process violations ...

There ... WILL ... BE ... BETTER ... COFFEE ...
on the Brooklyn Lyceum block.
till then
... Out & About & On The Road w/an answer:
... Inexorable Espresso Evolution ...
Flavor, not labor, from our espresso cellar!
-- 15 years of a coffee shop/cafe
and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy taught us that
there is another, more ecological, way.

-- When the Brooklyn Lycem Due Process dust settles,
we may be taking on, or taking out,
Starbucks with our own Espresso cellar.

--Till then we are pulling espress shots the SwaSlu way, on the road again!

We make it a point not to be a roaster
and will be presenting multitudes of flavors of roasters
from, well, everywhere at interim locations, events, markets and fairs.

Interested in better americanos/lattes than you could ever do at home?
Take a dip HERE

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen
Food along the Gowanus Basin

culinary delights in an industrial wasteland
from Barbisol to new elixers. MORE


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